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I am getting married in a few years time, can I book now?

Yes of course, the sooner the better. My dates can fill up pretty quickly, so if you want me to photograph your wedding then please book as soon as possible.


Can we meet with you to discuss our wedding day?

Yes I suggest we meet up to discuss your photography needs.  This will give us the chance to get to know each other and allow me to show you wedding albums, my portfolio etc


Is there a wedding contract provided?

Yes this is something I provide when you book me.  It outlines the basics of our agreements and my obligations to you for your wedding day.  Unforutunately I will not take on a wedding assignment unless we have a signed contract in place.


Do you use backup equipment?

Definitely!  I use back up cameras, lenses, flashes, batteries, memory cards etc.  I use Nikon professional camera’s and lenses, the quality is simply superb!


What happens if you are unable to make to our wedding due to death, serious illness or alien abduction?

Fortunately I have a very wide network of friends and colleagues who are excellent wedding photographers, who can help cover your wedding day.  I will always try and find another photographer to take my place if I am unavailable.    Failing this I will offer a full refund of any wedding fees paid by yourself.  Also for your piece of mind I am covered by Indemnity insurance .


Are we able to pick and choose in our wedding photography package?

You can choose as much or as little photography as you see fit for your special day.  I have a wide variety of extra’s that you can add to you package.  If you have seen something that you like that I have not thought of then please let me know.


Do you just shoot weddings locally, how far will you travel?

I will shoot weddings wherever I’m asked….within reason!  No destination is too far but please note that weddings over 75 mile may incur travel and overnight stay charges.  If it’s a destination wedding then other charges may occur such as flights, accomodation etc


Do you need feeding on the wedding day?

Yes please, that would be great as I am a growing lad!  If you are unable to provide food then I can always bring my own.


Do you just do weddings?

No, I also do lifestyle portraits and commercial photography.   If you have any other photographic requirements then please contact me.


How quickly can we see our photographs?

I aim to get few selected images of your wedding on my blog within 24 hours and the remainder uploaded to your gallery within 7 days, time allowing.  Your DVD and slideshow will be ready for you when you come back from your honeymoon.  With regards to wedding albums this is dependent on you choosing the images for the album and how many changes are made to the album design.


What albums do you supply?

Loxley, Sim2000, Seldex, VisionArt….this list goes on.  I have my preferences on who I supply but I can get albums from most manufacturers.


Who chooses the photographs for the wedding album?

It’s your album so you choose the images.  I will recommend which images will work better in albums and try not to mix colour and B&W images on the same page.


Do you give out the RAW files/digital negatives?

No you have hired me because of my skill and talent as a photographer, I choose the best photographs from your wedding day and edit them accordingly.  Also you do not get all of the photo’s taken on your wedding day, I select the photo’s that I feel best represent your day, process them and these then end up as your supplied images.   Reasons for not supplying all images are that some images may not work as a photo, people may have managed to get in the way, some may be blurred due to peoples movement etc


How many images do we get?

On a typical day you will get 250+ images, if I have a 2nd photographer on the day you may get more.


How long do you stay on the wedding day?

I will stay as long as I am needed.  I cover your wedding day for the whole day…which means the whole day!  The longest I have stayed at a wedding is until 1am….you get the picture 🙂


Your offer a pre-wedding shoot, what is it?

Some call it an engagement shoot but it’s the same thing.  It allows us to get to know each other, me behind the camera and you in front of it.  I will give you some handy tips on posing but most of all you get used to being in front of the camera.  This is essential for your wedding day as it calms your nerves!


Is it you that is the main photographer on our wedding day or does another photographer turn up?

You get me as your photographer on your wedding day…..simples!  Some other photography companies may use another photographer but under their company name.   I believe it’s essential that you get the photographer who took the photographs that you love!


What comes as standard in your wedding packages?

You get the following:

As many wedding consultations as you need.  A pre-wedding shoot.   All day wedding coverage.   A DVD of all your High resolution images.   An online photo gallery.  Phew…that’s a lot!


We have a question to ask that you haven’t thought of, how do we contact you?

Well there are a number of way of contacting me, here goes….

  • First there is my email address or my phone number, 07779 916730.
  • You can also use the contact form on my website here.
  • My Facebook page is here
  • You can ‘tweet’ me on twitter here
  • Or ask me any question you like, even non photography related questions here
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