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We love photography and we love people, combine the two and we have the perfect job.  We love to capture the emotions of the day as it happened, not how I think it should happen but capturing moments naturally.  We offer a modern documentary/reportage/wedding photojournalistic style of photography for your wedding  which helps to capture the spirit throughout the day.   Working unobtrusively we aim to capture all the special moments of your day from the moment you start your wedding day to the first dance.

At Paul Alexander Photography we understand the importance of your wedding and your wedding day photographs as these maybe one of your main reminders of the special day you shared together.  You only have one wedding day and one chance to have it photographed, so choosing the right photographer for you is a decision that needs careful consideration.  We would suggest a few areas to consider before choosing your wedding photographer.

Do you like their photography style ? There are so many photographers with varying photographic styles that choosing a style for you can be daunting at the end of the day.  If you do not like their style then there is no point in booking them!  What style do you go for ?  The most common styles of wedding photography are:

Traditional wedding photography is where the photography is structured and formal.  The majority of the wedding photography will be arranged, positioned and posed.

Documentary/reportage/photojournalistic wedding photography is where the photographer documents the wedding day. The photographer purposefully limits interaction with people on the wedding day which helps to document the story as it happened.

Fashion wedding photography comprises posed images that are inspired by editorial fashion photography that would be found in popular fashion magazines.  This style can involve cutting-edge and dramatic post-processing of images.

Are you able to forge a relationship with the photographer ? You will be spending a lot of time with the photographer so ensure that you are able to connect with the photographer, it will help you relax in front of the camera and make the day a lot more fun!  With every wedding photography package I offer you get a pre-wedding shoot, this helps us to get to know each other and helps to start forge a relationship.

Is the photographer insured ? The photographer should have public liability insurance and Professional Indemnity cover.  Public liability cover incidents such as a guest tripping over the camera equipment and injuring themselves which could result in a claim against the photographer.    Professional Indemnity insurance covers the photographer in case of a negligent act such as accidentally wiping the wedding day photo’s off a memory card.  The insurance should cover the photographer for any claims made against the photographer.  You will be happy to know that Paul Alexander Photography is covered for both types of insurance.

Does the photographer offer a range of Albums ? We love wedding albums!!  Wedding albums are going to be the one item that should accurately reflect your day and be of a quality that should last for a long time to come.   We at Paul Alexander photography offer a wide range of albums that are from some of the best album manufacturers in the world.

We use a variety of album manufacturer’s to give you the choice you want.  We can supply albums from Loxley, SIM2000, KISS, Visionart and Jorgensen.

Please see here for a sample of one of our wedding albums.


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